Grace Cheptu

Cheptu, as she is affectionately known, is an Archetypal Dreamwork Analyst under the tutelage of Christa Lancaster and Marc Bregman, and has been a practitioner of the work for six years. She brings to the work her Gullah roots in the South Carolina Lowcountry, clinical chaplaincy, pastoral care and over 40 years of experience in music education/therapy and music ministry. In 1989, following a personal crisis, she began to experience relentlessly poignant dreams that would set her on the path of the healer’s journey, a path that would lead her to formal theological education (she is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.) and experiential learning in Emei Lingi Qigong and traditional practices of West African (Mali, Dahomey, Yoruba), Hawai’ian and American Indian spiritual systems. When subsequently landing upon North of Eden, Cheptu was unqualifiedly ready to enter the “healing theatre” of the dream where she faced into the residuals of childhood and ancestral trauma from which she had struggled in a gyroscopy of fear, pride and shame for most of her life. She is emerging as the Soul Child who remembers her vulnerability and the unencumbered love, passion, power and creativity of the Divine realm within.  

Cheptu currently utilizes her gifts in her “now calling”—to walk with anyone who is seeking the path of inner healing and release from debilitating thoughts and layers of compensatory behaviors that stem from current life and/or trans-generational trauma . . . anything that separates one from his or her fullest desire and most soulful expression of Divine love . . . his or her highest calling.  Cheptu’s practice, NowJourney Home, is based in Atlanta, Georgia where she has an adult son and enjoys “musicing” and perennial gardening.  For additional information about her practice, visit