Grace Cheptu

Archetypal Dreamwork is about stepping underneath the layer of the ego’s control and the conditioned mind to journey deeply into the interior realm and listen to the Soul and learn to live from the heart.

Thirty years ago, following a personal crisis, I began to experience relentlessly poignant dreams that set me on the path of my own soulful healer’s journey. I didn’t know what to do with this autonomous, magical “theatre” taking place in my head at night with scenes that would open me to curiosity, wonder; sometimes feelings of suffering, pain and loss; sometimes fear and downright terror; and at other times comedic relief, joy, ecstasy, love.

It was repetitive trauma and terror dreams that led me to seek help—at first through religion, then counseling and psychotherapy and eventually, non-Western spiritual circles and ways of healing. I set down my full-time music teaching career to pursue formal theological training and clinical pastoral education. I trained in Reiki and Qigong. I delved into experiential learning in traditional African spirituality and other spiritual-healing systems. Along the way, I landed upon North of Eden Center for Archetypal Dreamwork (NOE) which helped me learn how to trust my dreams as a source of personal, sacred text in unique service to me.

Under the supportive guidance of Christa Lancaster, my analyst, and the master tutelage of Christa and Marc Bregman working together, I began to trust the process of giving presence to where and how my dreams were leading—to courageously face into the psychic wounds originating from lived and ancestral trauma. I also had to look honestly at my own blind spots and shadow material with self-compassion, sometimes humor, and at other times, with a little “punch” from the archetypes when I got stuck in my pride and independence. But how glorious to come through to the other side reclaiming my authentic core self who can receive the fullness of promise, blessings and authentic vision for my life!

I’ve been a practitioner of Archetypal Dreamwork with NOE for 10 years. I am now an analyst and guide who companions with others to follow the sacred text of their dreams as a form of spiritual discipline and inner healing practice. I bring with me my African and South Carolina Gullah roots; my gleanings from 40+ years as a music educator and music therapist; my experience in church pastoral ministry and hospital chaplaincy; my training in Spiritual Guidance and Direction; and wealth of experiences from living and learning among many cultures and ethnicities in various geographic locations. I deem it an honor and utmost servant journey to accompany others who endeavor to trust the vulnerability that opens their hearts to step toward and through their fears and the hidden in order to reclaim the genuine love, support, passion and wisdom that is rooted and grounded and comes from deeply within.

Based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, I work with clients anywhere in the world: in person, by phone, or via secure and confidential on-line video-conferencing. If you are interested in learning more about my journey, I invite you to visit my blog at