Janean Barva

My Dreamwork journey began in 2008 when I first heard about Archetypal Dreamwork on Oprah’s Soul Series.  It was truly an amazing feeling as I listened because I felt every cell in my body say “Yes, this is my life’s work.”  Until then, I had never so completely known what I was supposed to do.  And I knew, not only was I saying yes to my spiritual growth, I was also saying yes to learning from others as a dream analyst, if they felt moved to do this work.

It is challenging work in that I must constantly look at myself, 100% of the time without blaming anyone else for the issues I face in my life.  But even with its challenges, the Dreamwork is extremely rewarding.  I have grown and changed in ways that I thought would never be possible.  And I continue to grow and change as my relationships with the Divine and myself deepen.

My education has largely been with North of Eden where I began my official studies in 2009 after attending my first retreat.  My professional experience has been working in the human services field.  I have a strong desire to learn and I am mostly self-taught in areas such as empathy, connectedness, and perception.  I also have a natural ability of intuition, which continues to grow as I continue my Dreamwork journey.  My education in the field of dreams will continue for the rest of my life from the people around me and from the dreams themselves.

I would love to work with you in the capacity of the dream and I promise that I will work hard to honor the dream and it’s message by meeting you where you are and staying were you need to be.