O Boss Man

Bob Murray

North of Eden Press is thrilled to announce the release of Bob Murray and Jeremiah McLane’s CD, O Boss Man. This collaboration between these two amazing musicians and songwriters—and heartful dreamers on the journey—is sure to move and inspire us all.

Contributers to the CD include Susannah Blachly and Colin McAffrey.

"Watching Jer work his magic, the gift of his unbridled creativity, his love for what we are doing, the arrangements, the instrument choices, the layers that have added depth and beauty. Our recording of O Bossman now sounds like a billowing anthem, gathering steam, not to mention instruments (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, bass, accordion, Jer's harmony vocals on the chorus) as it rolls toward a big, bold ending. Needless to say, when I wrote this song, I never imagined it with a full band and three-part harmony, that's for sure."

"Susannah Blachly added more harmony vocals on that song and others. Colin McCaffrey did great work too. It warms my heart deeply to know that we all worked together in this way, bringing the gifts that He has given to each of us, creating something beautiful together to take out into the world."

- Bob Murray