Flesh Off the Bone: Dream Descent through Past Life Trauma (Book & mp3 format)

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Marc Bregman & Christa Lancaster
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This book chronicles the journey of two seekers willing to face into the deepest traumas in order to reclaim the deepest love.

Journey with Marc Bregman and Christa Lancaster as they descend through their dreams into the caverns of deeply buried trauma, heeding the call of the unconscious to open to realms of great pain and terror experienced in past lives.

Why would we choose to delve into the hurts and horrors of another life? Isn’t the material of the present life enough to work with?

It can take many years healing the experiences of this life before regressive dreaming occurs. One must first be healed of the real or imagined traumas of childhood to find the eternal child who remembers everything.

We journey not to find the worst moment, but the love within the worst moment.

The stories Marc and I tell here are about the descent through dreams into the caverns of deeply buried trauma. It is the purpose of this book to show how we, in our individual ways, chose to heed the call of deep healing dreams and open up to the realms of great pain and terror.

The reader may well ask why we would embark on such a task. Isn't the material of the present lifetime enough to work with? Why would anyone choose to entertain the possibility of past life trauma?

Quite simply, what is the point, of delving into another life's hurts and horrors?

Two years ago, I might well have agreed. True, I did have a regressive dream back in 2004, a dream which provoked a descent into a cycle of healing which I connected to having known a great love and suffered a profound loss of this true love as well as the loss of my entire village. I had no context for this loss, simply that I felt the truth of this knowledge in the marrow of my bones. I went through waves of this loss, which I managed to project onto a man I thought was my true love but turned out not to be. At other times, I felt it in a pure way, opened up by events like my old dog Ajax dying, the neighbors cutting down a hedge, children growing up and leaving, my marriage falling apart. The events in the present were a portal to an ancient loss.

This I knew, and trusted. I had trained myself to take the opportunity of the present moment rupture, recognize it as unrelated to the trigger, and let it take me down the chute to a chamber inside me where both pain and love dwelt. I became practiced at dropping beneath the lip of the tunnel, letting go of the safety hand holds and falling deeper in. I learned to do this through the Pathwork training I did.

It gave me a process and a language for letting go of the present moment trigger, relinquishing the need to be right or to blame and letting go into deeper and deeper layers of sorrow and grief.

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Marc Bregman is the visionary teacher and founder of Archetypal Dreamwork. His whole life has been informed by an inner knowing of Divine Presence and an impassioned desire to bring to others an understanding of the profound mystery of Dreams. When his life partner in the Dreamwork, Christa Lancaster,  became his real life love partner, their union sparked a fire in the world. Together they live the Dream journey, incorporating both the mundane and the mystical into their  ongoing exploration of relationship, intimacy and the Divine.

Christa Lancaster is a teacher, analyst and eternal student of the Dream. Her intuitive knowledge is rooted in a feminine lineage, excavated through her own rigorous journey through both extreme loss and great love. She shares her passion and commitment to the Way of Archetypal Dreamwork with the love of her life, Marc Bregman. Together, they offer their wisdom and experience, writing, teaching and opening up for others, the Mystery of the Dream.