The Deep Well Tapes - Sex, Trauma and Conjunctio (Includes Vessel)

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Marc Bregman & Christa Lancaster
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Sex, Trauma and Conjunctio, is the third in "The Deep Well Tapes" series of books about Archetypal Dreamwork by Marc Bregman. It includes a full memoir, Vessel, by Christa Lancaster tracing her personal journey as led by her dreams.

About the Book

Sex, Trauma and Conjunctio furthers and deepens the exploration of Archetypal Dreamwork undertaken in the first two books of The Deep Well Tapes series. This volume offers an intimate and accessible collection of teachings that address the essential step of facing into trauma as part of the dream descent toward wholeness. Marc Bregman’s teachings about this descent are interwoven with Christa Lancaster’s spiritual memoir Vessel, an intensely personal narrative of her journey through her dreams to find the gifts beyond trauma.

In Vessel, Christa intimately and poetically chronicles the process of facing into and healing her past, through failed marriages and into her emergence as a dreamwork therapist, master teacher, and co-founder of North of Eden. Illustrating her journey with paintings, Christa takes us through her confrontation with the truth of her past and into the tunnel of trauma, emerging into the vulnerability of her unfoldment.

From Christa

Working through the portals of story, we walk into a land beyond story. We need the portals of our stories to enter into the domain of our sacred feelings. When we react to the story, we keep ourselves locked outside the holy portal to the feeling tunnel which returns us to our selves, our real selves. The story is just the key into the tunnel. We need to enact our wound in order to activate it and enter into the tunnel which leads into its secret chambers, the rooms which hold the essence of who we are.

In conjunction with Christa’s story, Marc discusses trauma—the disassociation from our soul selves as a result of repressing feelings of fear and pain. By refusing to ever feel these feelings again, we keep ourselves “safe” and able to function in the world but unable to connect with own souls and be infused with divine love. We are lost to ourselves until we become willing to enter the deep well of our feelings, which will eventually lead us back to the vulnerable, child parts of ourselves that know God’s love.

In a very personal way, Christa Lancaster and other North of Eden teachers show how this journey unfolded for them and the gifts that were waiting at the other end of that dark tunnel.

Marc Bregman is the visionary teacher and founder of Archetypal Dreamwork. His whole life has been informed by an inner knowing of Divine Presence and an impassioned desire to bring to others an understanding of the profound mystery of Dreams. When his life partner in the Dreamwork, Christa Lancaster,  became his real life love partner, their union sparked a fire in the world. Together they live the Dream journey, incorporating both the mundane and the mystical into their  ongoing exploration of relationship, intimacy and the Divine.

Christa Lancaster is a teacher, analyst and eternal student of the Dream. Her intuitive knowledge is rooted in a feminine lineage, excavated through her own rigorous journey through both extreme loss and great love. She shares her passion and commitment to the Way of Archetypal Dreamwork with the love of her life, Marc Bregman. Together, they offer their wisdom and experience, writing, teaching and opening up for others, the Mystery of the Dream.