Carl and Me Blog: Teachings from The Red Book

Marc Bregman

In 2009, Carl Jung's Red Book was finally released to the public after being kept secret first by Jung himself and then by his family for over 50 years. At first glance, Marc Bregman, founder of North of Eden Archetypal Dreamwork, recognized in Jung's story the alchemical process that he and his clients had been undertaking through Archetypal Dreamwork for almost 40 years.

The Red Book reveals the journey Jung took into the unconscious to confront his failings and his resistance to the Spirit of the Depths, what Marc calls the Archetypal Realm. Ultimately, he faced into the terror of his own transformation to becoming his soul, what he referred to as the Self.

Jung's immense struggle and ultimate surrender to the divine within reflects the passage through resistance to acceptance and devotion that is offered to each of us in our dreams.

In this blog series, Marc opens, explores, expands, and excavates passages from the Primus section of The Red Book to illuminate Jung's profound descent to find his soul self. Just as Jung had the courage to undertake his journey into the desert, so we too can embark on our own journeys as offered through our dreams.

Join Marc for this exciting exploration of Archetypal Dreamwork and The Red Book.

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Marc Bregman is the visionary teacher and founder of Archetypal Dreamwork. His whole life has been informed by an inner knowing of Divine Presence and an impassioned desire to bring to others an understanding of the profound mystery of Dreams. When his life partner in the Dreamwork, Christa Lancaster,  became his real life love partner, their union sparked a fire in the world. Together they live the Dream journey, incorporating both the mundane and the mystical into their  ongoing exploration of relationship, intimacy and the Divine.