The Deep Well Tapes - The Secret of the Pomegranate

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Marc Bregman
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The Deep Well Tapes - The Secret of the Pomegranate is the second book in The Deep Well Tapes series. Written by Marc Bregman with Susan Marie Scavo.

The second book in The Deep Well Tapes series, The Secret of the Pomegranate, delves into the collective unconscious as reflected in our cultural mythologies.

This provocative book challenges the myths, both spiritual and cultural, that we take for granted, that we believe to be true. The book asks, What if we have it all wrong? What if the stories are backwards? What if the snake is not the evil in the Garden of Eden? What if it is Persephone, not Psyche, who makes the right choice? The book explores common mythological themes and stories, and challenges the models of behavior they put forth.

Using mythological references as well as actual dreams, Bregman takes us through how we became the way we are and touches into the solution with the objective of exposing what he calls the Big Lie. The seeds of the pomegranate represent our separation from the love. The resulting suffering that all people experience is the manifestation of that separation. The Big Lie is that the solution lies somewhere outside of ourselves.

Containing an abundance of dreamers’ illustrations, each chapter beautifully introduced by the moving poetry of Karla Van Vliet, The Secret of the Pomegranate is the perfect companion to The Deep Well Tapes. It also includes a detailed table of contents, glossary, and index for easy reference of the material.

This book began with the intention of exploring what keeps us all from the journey to our true nature. To explore and expose the Big Lie that whirls inside and outside keeping us from the light at the end of the tunnel, from the treasure at the rainbow's end.

Because of the Big Lie, the chances of reaching that treasure are, unfortunately, unlikely. Discussing the construct of the lie and its ramifications for the individual, discussing the personal, historical significance of family life in this dynamic is important in the process of understanding and stepping outside the lie.

But the intention changed, for more important than understanding that we have been lied to and that we have believed the lie, is the treasure. The unlikely treasure of the journey to the soul self and the connection to the Archetypal Realm.

So, this book is not really about the lie. The endeavor is not just to undo the Big Lie, but to touch the face of the solution, the essence of the self. It is the essence of the self that is the solution, that dissipates the lie and that frees the living light that can touch all who will know it.

The secret of the pomegranate is revealing the mystery of the light in us all and the journey that is revealed in the process of Dying to Self."

Marc Bregman is the visionary teacher and founder of Archetypal Dreamwork. His whole life has been informed by an inner knowing of Divine Presence and an impassioned desire to bring to others an understanding of the profound mystery of Dreams. When his life partner in the Dreamwork, Christa Lancaster,  became his real life love partner, their union sparked a fire in the world. Together they live the Dream journey, incorporating both the mundane and the mystical into their  ongoing exploration of relationship, intimacy and the Divine.